System Cooling

Intelligent Mold Flow Monitoring

System Cooling


The efficiency of mold cooling circuits is critical to a stable process and the manufacture of high quality, dimensionally stable parts.

With the System Cooling platform molders now have the ability to monitor water flow and temperature circuits inside the mold

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Test Rig


The System Cooling Test Rig offers a convenient and time saving way for mold builders to test, analyze and certify cooling circuits for their customers’ requirements.

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“The System Cooling Test Rig gives us the reports and technical data required to optimize a tool's cooling efficiency.”

~ Gary Aalbers, Aalbers Tool and Mold Inc.

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"System Cooling allowed us to quickly identify and correct a blocked circuit in one of three sampling molds."

~ Tracy Wilson, TE Connectivity

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Tech tips

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advance Your mold maintenance

Paul Moreau talks with Tony Demakis of Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales to explain the many advantages the Test Rig can bring to your tool room and maintenance departments.

The System Cooling Platform accurately measures and tracks mold cooling water flow, temperature, and pressure, allowing users the ability to know what is going on inside their cooling lines.

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Eliminate Water Leaks

No one likes to get a mold set up in the press only to then experience a water leak. With the System Cooling Test Rig, users can run pressure tests prior to press set up.

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