See the Problem Before the Symptom with System Cooling


When Utilizing the System Cooling Platform from Progressive, One Can See the Problem Before the Symptom! 

The System Cooling Platform from Progressive accurately measures and tracks mold cooling water flow, temperature, and pressure. Having the ability to know what is going on inside your cooling lines grants you the insight to spot problems before they cause production deviations.

Just having the flow monitoring has been a huge troubleshooting advantage, as I have been able to compare flow through the three different molds that we have been sampling. We immediately found that one of the tools had a blocked circuit and were able to fix it right away.

~Tracy Wilson, Manufacturing Development Engineer, TE Connectivity

System Cooling prevents errors such as water not turning on during startup, ancillary cooling equipment malfunctions, and unexpected changes in mold temperature.

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Out of tolerance cooling water parameters can be set to trigger the press to automatically stop before out of spec parts are produced. Data collected and displayed aids in troubleshooting to more efficiently get the press up and running again.

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