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Progressive Components received the first-place designation of Best Places to Work at the Plastics News Executive Forum, March 6th, 2018, in Naples, Florida. The company ranked number 2 in 2017, moving up to the number 1 spot in 2018 in a field of 17 finalists. View Don Starkey, Owner and Chairman of the Board, deliver the acceptance speech on behalf of the entire organization. Click HERE to learn more.


Our Engineering Team works with our Tech and Sales colleagues around the world to establish new global standards.


From Customer Service to Shipping, operations personnel pride themselves on best-in-class accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Our annual summer picnics enable team members and their guests to enjoy a day of great fun together.


Our annual Progressive Holiday Party gives us all a chance to “formally” celebrate the season together.

STAR (Sharing Time and Resources) is an employee-run registered 501C-3 non-profit charity foundation which helps support local causes in need.

Progressive Components has partnered with SEDOL Vocational Training Program to provide students with career explorations and an opportunity to learn work skills.

Progressive was selected as one of Plastics News 2020 Best Places to Work. We were asked to create a lip sync video to the song “Sweet Caroline” to be included in a larger presentation featuring all of the 2020 PN Best Places to Work nominees. While our team loves to work hard, we also know how to play hard too! 

Hear From Our Team

We collected thoughts from team members throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia, and proudly present them in the following video:

Employee Testimonials

Recently, all Progressive employees were interviewed for Crain Publication’s “Best Places To Work” award and listed below are the responses:

"A culture of inclusion has been created. People feel valued and connected with the higher purpose of the organization. The work environment is fun, yet demanding and people know that we're here to get a job done. The customer relationship is always first and we are consistently working very hard to make sure that the customer has been satisfied. Outside of work, deep friendships have been formed. Employees enjoy interacting socially."

"Great culture. People work together to achieve their goals within their departments, but also within cross-departmental teams that allow individuals to learn what happens both before and after they are involved in a particular process. Respect and understanding of the roles and contributions are learned as a result. That, plus the benefits--both with HR and the 'fun' events--make my job the envy of others."

"We have wonderful benefits and a relaxed atmosphere."

"We have a lot of good folks who do amazing things for our community. Don and Glenn are kind and generous to their employees and have created a positive culture for all. Our motto is 'work hard, play hard', and employees genuinely want to come to work and do a good job for the company."

"We are all self managed leaders and are offered much freedom along with being very team and goal oriented. We work hard and are paid very well and the structure of our pay may differ from most all other product related companies."

"Understanding of work/life balance. Good people."

"Treats everyone fairly and is honest and open in communication."

"Progressive Components is run by amazing owners who are respected by the community and industry. They put time and effort into each individual employee. Along with this, they have a perspective that reaches outside the company by cultivating an attitude that will make a difference outside this organization."

"This organization hires the right people for the right positions. Everyone cares as much for the organization as the organization cares for its' employees. Each individual wants to truly do the best job that they can do, and they genuinely enjoy that job. That mindset is alive and present throughout this organization which in turn makes it the best place to work. This company is a Team in every sense of the word."

"This organization truly cares for its people and walks the talk when it says its people are its assets. The benefit package is the best I have had in my 35+ year career."

"The overall well being of the employees is a priority. They hire qualified people, who work hard and they are rewarded for their hard work."

"The interdepartmental relations. We work well together as a team and achieve success by working toward common goals that ultimately benefit our customer base, thus securing more work for our organization."

"The family/team environment; The ability to propose and make changes if your ideas are good; The accessibility to the owners; Work hard, play hard mentality; Amazing benefits!"

"The company focuses on its clients so an employee does not have to do mental gymnastics to find ethical justifications to do the job. People seem to really care about making internal customers happy too. Maybe, I'm just a likeable guy. Realistically, I think this is normal throughout the company. Employees are treated like people with lives outside the workplace. It makes everyone more likely to give their best effort when they are here."

"The company encourages and promotes personal and professional advancement. My co-workers are a tremendous group of people and customer service is very important. Because we treat our customers well they reciprocate and are very nice to us. We are also heavily involved in charity and promoting the trade. To sum it up we are a good corporate citizen that is trying to have a positive impact on our trade and community."

"Offers great benefits and flexible working conditions"

"Respectful colleague based atmosphere. Work hard play hard. Excellent benefits. Great people."

"Recognizes accomplishments and promotes from within. Provides a fun and first class working environment."

"Progressive wants to do their best for both their customers as well as their employees. I believe that they honestly do care about each and every one of us and want everyone to be successful and have a full life both at work and at home. They believe in keeping their systems up to date and current and not afraid to spend dollars to make that happen."

"Progressive truly cares about their employees. The owners walk around the building on a daily-weekly basis and ask each individual person how everything is going, both work related and personally. They ask about how family members are doing too. I never feel like I am being taken advantage of. The benefits package is absolutely outstanding. I feel Progressive is invested in my development not only as an employee, but also as a person."

"Progressive Components treats us like family, and genuinely means it. The culture here is to take care of each other and grow both the business and ourselves. Our benefits are amazing, and include wellness and professional services funds. We have fantastic summer "picnics" and Holiday parties, even a Halloween "Boo-Fay", bottle of something splendid for Thanksgiving and Champagne for New Years."

"Progressive Components provides a working environment that promotes a 'Work Hard, Play Hard' mentality. An employee is rewarded for their hard work and often promoted or given a raise on an annual basis. The benefit package is amazing and additional benefits are improved yearly."

"Progressive Components employees are treated like family. We are really valued and there is great employee recognition."

"Powerful sense of community. Without hesitation employees are willing to help and support each other, whether work related or personal matter. Celebration of milestones or positive events is encouraged."

"Overall the company strives to provide the highest quality, dependable, and innovative products and services to customers and to the industry as a whole. The company is very focused on giving back to the local community, which is evident through the STAR Charities organization. The company tries to infuse fun activities and events into the day to day or outside of work, whenever possible."

"There is open communication about the company and what is going on with it, and they promote a "family" atmosphere. This is the first company that I have worked for where the owners know mine and my children's names."

"My manager keeps me well informed and appreciates my input."

"Management takes care of the employees."

"They care about their staff and customers."

"The organization acknowledges employees hard work through company parties and sponsored events."

"They make you feel like part of a team. They treat you with kindness and respect, and everyone is willing to help everyone. People will go above and beyond and do it in a timely manner. This place gets down to business but knows how to kick back, let loose, and have fun when needed! I truly enjoy working here and cant wait for the years to come!"