Progressive kicked off the 2022 trade show season at PTXPO in Rosemont, IL, and then Plastec West in Anaheim, CA. 

Along with exhibitions, Progressive was proud to once again sponsor the AMBA Mold Builder of the Year Award, shown below with recipient TK Mold & Engineering, Inc. of Romeo, MI. 

It was great to see our industry friends and colleagues in-person, and look forward to seeing many more faces in the coming months at the events listed below.

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Users of Progressive’s CounterView and CVe Monitor now have access to the ProFile Asset Tracking System through the exclusive “URL/Serial Number” on each product.

When at a mold with a Progressive counter, one can enter the serial number into and gain free access to ProFile to begin tracking assets.

This new feature offers ProFile’s benefits to OEMs, Molders, and Mold Builders:

  • OEMs can access stored mold drawings and files and verify tool spec adherence.
  • Molders can utilize the online Preventive Maintenance and Work Order system functionality.
  • Mold Builders can upload mold drawings and files and share access with customers as needed.

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Pro’s v14 CADalog® offers a new SolidWorks library of configurable CAD geometry with populated attributes for ordering cut-to-length components.

Now, automatically generate Mold-Ready item numbers, then email the final BOM to Pro’s Customer Service team, to then receive the components quickly and ready for assembly.

Are you a SolidWorks user? Got questions on how to access what has been built for you? Contact us at

Don’t yet have a CADalog? Go to to receive geometry for SolidWorks, NX, VISI, as well as Neutral .step, .x_t, .sat, and .igs formats.

This new, automated feature is available for custom angle pins, cut-to-length ejector pins, and finished-cut brass extension plugs. 


Designed to self-compensate when a mold’s ejector plates become misaligned, the C-Series UniLifter® offers simplified installation with Pro’s “click-in-place assembly” feature. Assembly detents allow toolmakers to set the Core Blade, C-Coupling, and C-Gib to the correct angle and position, enabling easy assembly into the mold pocket without parts sliding out of place.

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A compact design over alternative methods, Progressive’s new Plate Retainer is engineered to hold parting lines or retain plates for sequence functions and incorporates the SRT Slide Retainer for greaseless retention. Dissimilar steels and treatments provide superior wear resistance during production and require simple pocket machining for Bar and Housing.

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Designed to simplify the installation of Angle Pins, the new Angle Pin Holder conveniently installs and can be removed from the parting line, accommodating Progressive’s standard Angle Pins without any additional machining required. Available in In-Line Bolt and Dual Bolt styles with machined 10°, 15°, or 20° angled holes.

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  • Progressive’s Flat Cavity Interlocks are a space-saving design for mounting directly within a mold’s inserts. Overall lengths are sized for nominal plate thicknesses beginning at widths of only .625”, and lengths can be modified to suit the height of cavity and core inserts.
  • Round Cavity Interlocks offer the maximum amount of straight alignment engagement for the minimum amount of pocket depth required. Available in 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2” diameters, they can mount from the parting line to enable details to be located underneath or bolted from the back.
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Progressive’s Locating Rings have been further revised to include dowel slots for keying the sprue bushing, allowing installation of the ring at any 45° angle. In addition, the inner diameters are tapered to allow for easier material removal, and shims have been added, enabling molders to preload the flanged locating rings to compensate for a worn or dished fixed platen which can cause parting line flash.

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Progressive has added Black Nitride Guided Ejector Bushings to our line of Black Nitride products as a standard, off-the-shelf item. Available in sizes from 1/2” diameter to 2” diameter, these Black Nitride Guided Ejector Bushings are proven to provide improved performance in greaseless medical environments and are durable enough for Die Casters.

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New sizes of Retro Plugs (replacements for previously purchased competitor style rings) have been added for 4mm and 5mm rings, and a new line of Indexable Plugs (to replace plugs previously purchased for competitor indexable style rings) has been added with sizes ranging from 4mm to 20mm. In addition, three new styles of our CH Series Date Rings are now available and include Quarters (DCQ-Diam), Shifts (DCS-Diam), and Weeks (DCW-Diam).

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  • For high-temperature molds or die cast dies, the new High Temp CounterView operates up to 375° F (190° C) and is available in styles for mounting on either mold half.
  • Cover Plates, designed to protect CVe Monitors or CounterViews from damage during mold transfers, are now available.
  • ProFile®—asset tracking and maintenance management system—simplifies the organization of molds, dies, machines, and equipment.
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From our first days, Progressive has dedicated volunteerism time towards industry advancement and in 2002 established the Tooling For Tomorrow program to support efforts to recruit and train Tomorrow’s tooling professionals.

Since its inception, we have provided over $500,000 in financial donations and sample components to US-based, trade-related educational programs.

This includes sponsorship of The AMBA Mold Builder and Tooling Trailblazer of the Year and SPE’s Mold Designer of the Year awards, which brings over $10,000 annually to fund workforce recruitment and development initiatives.

To learn more about the Tooling for Tomorrow program and to submit a request for donation, please contact Sara Porter at

Congratulations to the 2022 Tooling Trailblazer of the Year, Compumold Tool and Design Inc. of Phillips, Wisconsin, who accepted their award at the AMBA Annual Convention. 
Pictured above are students and instructors from Lake Area Technical Institute in South Dakota who received component donations to build a two-cavity PPE mask mold.


iWarriors is beginning its third year under STAR Charities, Pro’s non-profit 501C3 entity, after transferring from its mold shop owning founders.

During this time, the team has refined the promotion and procurement process, and, along with corporate sponsors, two major industry golf outings were held to benefit this group. Now, for 2022… SAVE THE DATE! The Alliance Golf Outing will be held on September 23 in the Chicago area, and the United Tool & Mold Golf outing will be in South Carolina on October 21.

The funds raised have allowed for the purchase of over 100 iPads for wounded veterans to better connect with others and provide access to neural exercise apps designed for those with PTSD. For additional information on the iWarriors program, to make a donation, become a sponsor, or purchase branded merchandise from the iWarriors Shop, please visit


Some suppliers don’t readily hand out catalogs, but Pro understands that while online info has its place, it’s also easy and quick to get product info from a traditional catalog.

Want one? Want more for your team, too? Give us a call at 1-800-269-6653 (or visit, and we’ll set you up with a catalog, freebies, note pads, and more. Also, if you’d like a wall calendar, mention that, and we’ll send that out too!

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