Company Overview

About Progressive

Progressive Components offers advanced solutions for unmatched tooling performance, with product lines consisting of standard and proprietary mold components, mold monitoring devices and software, and innovations for improving mold maintenance.

Our current product catalog, Version 14,  includes a variety of new items that have been added to our continuously growing product line.

Together, this collection of advantages delivers convenience for the mold builder and unmatched tooling performance for molders and OEMs, with availability through direct distribution and authorized dealers throughout the world. 

  • Black Nitride Treated Ejector Pins, Sleeves, Leader Pins, Shoulder Bushings, and Guided Ejector Bushings for greaseless molding and long running plastic tooling and die cast dies.
  • C-Series UniLifters offer simplified installation with our “click-in-place assembly” feature. Also, several longer Core Blades are now available for the UniLifter Series in different materials.
  • New Angle Pin Holders, designed to simplify the installation of Angle Pins, can be machined from the front of the mold, and easily removed from the parting line for Angle Pin replacement.
  • New plate sequencing advancements include longer length External Plate Locks and the new Plate Retainer that can be run greaseless.
  • Locating Rings have been upgraded with exclusive feature that allow keying of Sprue Bushing keys at any 90° angle. And for standardizing preload heights, Locating Ring Shims are now available off-the-shelf to pre-load the center of the mold as needed.
  • Other notable releases:
    • Cover Plates for protecting CounterViews and CVe Monitors during transit.
    • Industry compatible Indexable Date Plugs and more sizes of Retro Plugs.
    • ASTM standard Recycle Inserts.
    • Air Poppets available in both inch and metric nominal sizes.

Items throughout our catalog are available in Progressive’s CADalog®, a complete, designer-verified library of machine-ready CAD files in multiple 2D and 3D formats. Also, customers can find design guidelines, technical information, product animations, videos, and many resource tools and calculators at, now with enhanced e-commerce capabilities.

Whether it is your name in the title block, your company name on the mold, or your tooling program that must produce without interruption, we understand your priorities and are driven to meet them. If there is any way that Progressive can further assist you, please feel free to contact any member of our Team at 1-800-269-6653.

Thank You!

Glenn and Don Starkey
President and Chairman

To assist in meeting worldwide standards, Progressive Components is certified to the ISO9001:2015 standards.