Track Assets and Maintain Tooling with ProFile v4

Progressive Components announces the release of ProFile® v4, a cloud-based tracking system designed for OEMs, Molders, and Mold Builders to organize and track tooling activity.

Along with housing info for molds, dies, machines, and fixtures, ProFile can interface with Progressive’s CVe Monitors for complete real-time monitoring capabilities. Additionally, asset information can now be accessed from a QR code asset tag or the serial number off a Progressive CounterView cycle counter.

ProFile delivers distinct features for different manufacturing roles and priorities. An OEM’s global tooling assets can have real-time visibility to performance and key metrics. Molders can track downtime and rejects to report OEE, as well as be assisted with preventive maintenance work orders and track spare parts inventory. And for supply chain data sharing, users can connect ProFile with existing ERP/MES systems utilizing APIs and connect to report-generating platforms for custom reports.

ProFile’s intuitive user interface is suited for any role within an organization to provide various levels of allowed visibility. For a demo to evaluate needs and generate a budgetary quote, contact Sujit Sheth at 1-800-269-6653 or 1-847-942-2665, email, or visit

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