This week would have been a time to connect with customers and colleagues on the trade show floor in Orlando, but that wasn’t in the cards for this year. Instead, now our thoughts are on the return of events just ahead.

Look for Progressive next month at the AMBA Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and then in August at Plastec West and MD&M West in Anaheim, followed by Amerimold in September.

We continue to be as excited and energized as ever and look forward to being able to discuss new products in person. There have been countless webinars, Zoom calls, and email exchanges, and while we’ve never been gone… It will be great to be back!


Progressive introduced the first standard lifter, and we’ve added new options and approaches over the years. 

Now, we’re proud to release the C-Series UniLifter. The new C-Coupling and C-Gibs feature a cylindrical surface of travel to self-adjust and compensate for plates that become warped or misaligned over time. This smooth travel clears out debris, versus other designs where particulate can get lodged in the path of travel and then bind and break.

The C-Series offers a new click-in-place assembly feature that simplifies mold assembly, especially when lifters are in different quadrants (as shown here).

Also added are S-7 Core blades, hardened to 54-56 HRC, in 12 popular sizes. 

Catalog pages, testing data, animations, and CAD geometry can be found HERE, or contact Progressive’s Kevin Kelly for a review of your application. Whether it’s Lifter Blades at 1/16″ thick or water-cooled ModuLifter’s 1 ½” diameter, Progressive has a fit for your application’s needs.


Progressive’s Sujit Sheth, Mold Monitoring Manager, oversees sales of CVe Monitoring products, along with the ProFile QR code asset tracking system. He passes along this experience from one of his customers, Rodney Davenport of CH3 Solutions. 

“CH3 has organized all of their assets from molds, presses to auxiliary equipment within a single system. The consolidation of their assets and maintenance has led to the elimination of multiple systems”, said Sujit. “With a small investment of about $20 per asset tag, ProFile offers Asset Management, Maintenance Tracking, Location Tracking, and Secure Storage space. It’s a cost-effective and simple system to implement.”

“ProFile is the most efficient way to organize all the assets within your plant,” adds Rodney. 

Hear firsthand from Rodney as he describes what Progressive’s asset tracking systems have meant for his company, as he and Sujit present at the upcoming Amerimold conference. 

In the meantime, view a tour of ProFile HERE, where you can then request an implementation plan tailored to have a ProFile of your molds within the palm of your hand.


Progressive has added items for a safer shop. Click HERE to access a recent article that appeared in MoldMaking Technology, featuring RhinoFeet, RhinoToes, Progressive’s offset slugging Nozzle Wrench, and more.  

Have you seen RhinoFeet, and wondered if they could help clear out the wood on the shop floor? Click HERE to receive a free four-pack to review firsthand with your team!


If a sales person is making a fantastic claim about a new product they are introducing, one might want to ask, “Can you show me some data?”

Progressive recognizes that critical-to-function mold components will be put to the test between the platens, so we first test the product during development. Not only do we try different versions of materials to learn what’s best, but also we’ll have an independent lab test Pro versus others.

Often, the results are a night and day difference, as shown at these links:

  • CounterView versus shot counter copies
  • Ejector Pin longevity versus others
  • C-Series UniLifters versus a “ball in channel” design
  • Alignment Locks destructively tested and compared to DLC coated locks, roller bearing locks, and those made in low-cost countries with questionable materials and heat treatment.

The numbers don’t lie, so join Progressive in utilizing data to drive decisions at


Progressive’s non-profit 501C3 entity, STAR Charities, took on the leadership role for iWarriors, started by mold shop owners and supported by those in our industry, including MoldMaking Technology and the American Mold Builders Association. 

Funds are raised to supply wounded vets with tablets that allow them to better connect with others, along with exercises designed for those with PTSD. 

We’re grateful to Alliance Specialties for once again naming iWarriors as the benefactor for the annual Alliance Golf outing. Following the Amerimold Expo in Rosemont, IL, this year’s event looks to be the biggest and best yet. 

Before returning from Amerimold, stick around for some golf and networking with industry colleagues on Friday, September 24th. This looks like it will be a sold-out event, so register today! Info is HERE.

For questions and more information on any of the products or articles listed above: