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Presentation Overview
Tooling Engineers and Plant Managers are already busy day-to-day, chasing problems and balancing priorities. Often, the info needed for addressing challenges is not readily available. Where are final part drawings and mold designs? Is maintenance on schedule? Where are those service tools for that program years back? This presentation describes the common pitfalls of managing data in the molding world, and how OEM’s, molders, and mold builders can implement a system for simplifying tooling management utilizing Progressive’s new ProFile asset tracking system.  

Presentation Overview
Designing molds for the Medical sector requires unique approaches. The Engineering team at Progressive, headquartered in the northern Illinois medical corridor, has gathered tips and approaches to share with others in mold design. Key highlights include: how to head off potential flash areas when running high MFI resins—LSR, Nylon, Medical-grade flex PVC; how to extend production between PM’s, while avoiding unscheduled stoppages; how to “Do the Math” on water flow, and learn tricks for sneaking water into crowded cores; and how to enable tooling performance visibility before the mold is built and run.

Working Remote? Add visibility to your current ERP system (MAPP, April 1, 2020)

Presentation Overview
Sujit Sheth, Progressive’s Monitoring Sales Manager, presents information on three ways that a company’s key managers can gain visibility of production status and ensure proper mold maintenance is in place, with a system that is compatible with a molder’s current ERP system.

The 5S of Mold Monitoring
(Mapp, july 10, 2019)

Presentation Overview
Lorena Fisher, Progressive’s Specification Implementation Manager, discusses a method to ensure OEM specs are followed during tool build and later allows for remote mold validation, and a proven system for monitoring mold performance and maintenance.

Remote Standardization, Validation, and Monitoring of Injection Molds (MMT, May 15, 2019)

Presentation Overview
If you are a molder, mold builder or OEM, you know the importance of communication and collaboration from all parties to successfully implement a product/program launch. Once in production, how do you verify and maintain parameters to confirm the expectations set before the launch are being met? During this webinar, a method that ensures OEM specs are followed during tool build and later allows for remote mold validation is discussed, and a proven system for monitoring mold performance and maintenance—which includes alerts to tool owners when deviations occur—regardless of whether the mold is nearby or across the world is presented. 

Monitoring Your Assets: Monitor, Measure, Improve (Mapp, June 28, 2017)

Presentation Overview
Manufacturers monitor many parts of their business, and with new, advanced technologies tooling engineers can now track their most valuable assets—Your Molds.

Monitoring your tools offers a key step to being able to benchmark KPIs to aid in improving a company’s overall performance. This webinar includes discussion and presentation on best practices for monitoring molds and KPIs, how to access a macro/micro view of tool performance, monitoring water flow and temperature of each circuit, and gathering data to help guide decision making that can impact an entire organization.

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