Black Nitride

Unmatched Performance

Black Nitride products from Progressive are proven to perform in medical cleanroom molding environments, cosmetic/appearance product production, harsh conditions such as die casting, and beyond.

Black Nitride (BN) is diffused .003”-.005” into the component, and is not an additive process that can wear off and end up in your parts, like DLC and other surface coatings. 

View our video excerpt from a recent Webinar that presents an exclusive Pin and Sleeve combination that delivers great performance for long run cleanroom tooling to harsh die casting applications.

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“Progressive's Black Nitride Core Pins outlast all other 5 to 1. We trust these pins to perform in the harshest conditions.”

~ Dan Sheridan, Twin City Die Castings


New Greaseless ejector Sleeves

To expand its offering of Ejector Sleeves, Progressive has added treatments for greaseless applications.

Black Nitride Ejector Sleeves have a precision honed lubricious surface that does not require grease in cleanroom applications, and a high hardness (66-70 HRC) that is suited for harsh conditions such as with die casting.

“When the BN Series Sleeves are combined with Progressive’s Through-Hard Ejector Pins, the dimensional specifications provide the industry’s closest combined precision fit and tolerance between pin and sleeve,” states Ken Rumore, R&D Manager at Progressive. “Unlike PVD processes such as diamond-like coatings (DLC), black nitride penetrates the steel’s substrate and won’t chip, flake, or peel.”

tested and proven

Progressive has used Black Nitride in our Z-Series Alignment Locks and Lifters for years, and have now applied this treatment to Pins, Sleeves, Leader Pins, Bushings, and Wear Plates to provide our customers with new, off-the-shelf options that provide maximum performance and longevity in harsh, ‘real world’ conditions.

Take a moment to review our independent testing data HERE. Conducted by Element Materials Technology, their thorough mold lock performance evaluation further confirmed that our locks outperformed all others.

Black Nitride Products

  • Black Nitride treatment reduces hole damage caused by galling.
  • Proven to reduce the incidence of repair for stuck ejector pins.
  • Specialized treatment outlasts conventional leader pins and bushings.
  • Manufactured to withstand pressure of hard-to-align dies with diagonal thermal expansion.
  • Largest standard lock in the industry, sized for deflection resistance.
  • Large landing area offers improved part precision, reduces trimming.
  • Black Nitride treatment reduces hole damage caused by galling.
  • Core Pin hardness 50-55 HRC, comes complete with finished detail.
  • Precision honed lubricious surface that does not require grease.
  • High hardness of 66-70 HRC that is suited for harsh conditions.
  • Superior wear resistance, and includes particle rings for lubrication retention.
  • Standards sizes eliminates the need to manufacture in-house.

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