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New Cycle Counting Options 

Progressive offers the world’s widest range of mold counting and monitoring products and has expanded the line to now include CounterViews in both right and left orientation. The new S-Series, left hand unit, can be viewed from the operator side when mounted on the stationary half of the mold.

New Insulator Block for High Temperature Tools

The new Insulator Block has been engineered to protect Progressive’s monitoring devices when molding high temperature resins. When installed on a tool, the exclusive Insulator Block allows the CVe Monitor and S-Series CounterView to perform at mold temperatures up to 360°F.

New CVe Live Advancements

CVe Live, the industry’s most comprehensive solution to manage, monitor, and maintain molds, now offers full multi-lingual capability, press dashboard for complete operations overview, OEE calculations for both molding press and tools, GPS tracking, and more.

Through-Hard Ejector Pins 

Progressive’s through-hard Ejector Pins offer consistent quality and sizing, feature a micro-finish, 66-70 HRC surface to reduce hole wear and damage, and a 48-50 HRC core hardness to prevent dishing, nicking, and chipping. Sizes range from 1/32” diameter to larger diameters in 50” lengths.

New CamAction® Series

Progressive’s CamAction range begins at small sizes that require no cavity half machining, to large assemblies that eliminate custom design and manufacturing. The new 250 Series CamAction provides micro-compact sizing in both Inch and Metric standards options.

New, Smaller MiniLifter®   

MiniLifters, part of the UniLifter® undercut release product line, are now available in a smaller series in metric nominal sizes. In addition, core blades are offered in two different materials to accommodate machining and heat treatment preferences. 


Progressive has expanded their CAD Geometry offering to now include:

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