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A company’s injection molds are among its most valuable asset, and proper maintenance keeps tools profitable.

Progressive recognized this, and in 1994, developed the CounterView®, the industry’s first cycle counter, designed to accurately track mold usage and help plan for preventive maintenance before more costly problems arise throughout a tool’s life.

tested and proven

As the CounterView became a global industry standard, along came counterfeit copies which were failing in the field. Therefore, we decided to put the imitators to the test, and recorded failures in as few as 3,400 cycles, while Progressive’s consistently cycled to 3,000,000 without failure.

Progressive’s CounterView is tested and proven to outlast counterfeit and lookalike products. Click HERE to view testing data. 

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View a short video clip of the testing fixture used by our independent lab to verify the performance of Progressive’s CounterView. 

progressive fights counterfeits

Progressive travelled to the Chinaplas show in Shanghai to crack down on intellectual property violations for numerous products by several local exhibitors.

Click HERE to review Steve Toloken’s article that appeared in Plastics News.

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View the Plastics News video including interviews from the Chinaplas show floor.

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global coverage throughout the industry

View or download Progressive’s Reliable Cycle Counting Overview in English, Dutch, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, and more. 

COUNTERVIEW products and accessories

The new industry exclusive S-Series CounterView can be viewed from the operator side when mounted on the stationary half / A side of the mold. Maximum operating temperature: 250˚F (120˚C).

The new High Temp CounterView offers the same functionality as Pro’s standard cycle counter with the added benefit of sustainability in higher temperature tools operating at a max of 375° F (190°C).

Progressive’s R-Series CounterView provides a compact alternative to the standard S-Series units with both A-side and B-side mounting options and a max operating temp of 250˚F (120˚C).

The Insulator Block is designed to protect Progressive’s CounterView when molding high-temp resins, allowing performance at temperatures up to 360°F (180°C).

The Retrofit Bracket installs within an existing pocket without modification to the mold’s cavity or core half, allowing the CounterView to perform at temps up to 410°F (210°C). 

The R-Series CounterView Attachment Block allows for external mounting of the R-Series Counterview while offering protection from shop floor damage. 

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