Customer Testimonials

"Nobody matches the performance, service and the overall value that Progressive Components delivers."​
Ernie Young, Delta Mold Inc.
Thursday, August 31, 2017
"CVe Monitors are the greatest tool for molders. The system is user friendly and it basically manages itself."
Derrick Hardnett, ITW Fuel Systems Division
"Only CVe Monitors enable mold info to be retrieved from the tool, while alerting us that PM's are due."
Chris Myers, Carson Tool & Mold
“With off-the-shelf standards and CAD files that match the actual component, Progressive is a designer’s trusted friend.”
Kevin Kessinger, MSI Mold Builders
“Our customers expect reliable, consistent performance. By specifying Progressive, we deliver long-term, profitable results.”
Jeff Jacquemin, R&D/Leverage
“Progressive’s Inserted Bar Locks provide perfect alignment for even our largest tools, which perform in harsh conditions.”
Oswaldo Roman, Inland Die Casting Company