Tested & Proven

Performance Between the Platens™

Progressive Components’ products are designed and manufactured for maximum performance to optimize production and to drive overall profitability. We are so confident that our components will outperform others that we contracted an independent testing facility to conduct rigorous, real-world assessments on several, key products including the Z-Series Alignment Locks, the exclusive CounterView and our popular Ejector Pins. Information including testing data, editorial articles, customer testimonials and more, can be found at the links below.

z-series alignment locks

Progressive’s Z-Series Alignment Locks have been engineered to outperform others. This high level of performance is achieved through a combination of engagement geometry, particulate capturing, and materials and treatments.


Your molds are your company’s most valuable assets. The exclusive CounterView, from Progressive Components, accurately monitors mold usage and helps plan for preventive maintenance before more costly problems arise throughout the life of the tool.


Progressive’s ejector pins are engineered and manufactured to meet the growing demands of today’s production tooling. Made from premium materials and competitively priced, our pins lead the pack in consistent, accurate and lab proven performance.