Reliable Slide Holding Capacity


Progressive’s SRT Slide Retainers reliably hold side actions from 2 to 80 lbs (1 to 36 kg).

The SRTs feature an unprecedented compact design which allows installation in the mold base or the wear plate, providing the maximum amount of holding power in the minimum amount of space.

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“Our toolmakers recognize the precision fit and
tolerances, while performance and longevity
surpasses all others.”

~ Andy Baker, Byrne Tool + Design

related products

SRT Bases enable Progressive’s standards Slide Retainer to be installed in a hardened plate when mold base steel is aluminum, for example. 

SRT Bushings allow Pro’s SRTs to be installed in soft materials, and can provide hardened guidance against wear rather than bearing on a bronze wear plate. 

Progressive’s Plate Retainer incorporates the SRT  to provide smooth and greaseless retention when holding parting lines or retaining floating plates.

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