UniLifter—Undercut Release System


Progressive’s UniLifter® is a popular, proven method for molding and releasing undercuts. The UniLifter’s U-Coupling compensates for any core blade deflection, while other methods experience heel breakage. 

New to Progressive’s UniLifter product line is the C-Series which offers a self-adjusting, cylindrical design that compensates for severe ejector plate misalignment or warping. 

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The first standardized lifter system on the market, the radial dovetail self-adjust for any core blade flexing, from MiniLifter® core blades to the XL series for large molds.


The new C-Series is designed to self-compensate for when a mold’s ejector plates become misaligned, and offers simplified installation with Pro’s “click-in-place assembly” feature.


“The DME Accualign lifter broke at approximately 1/3 of the load that the Progressive C-Series UniLifter was able to withstand.”

~ Element Materials Technology


Progressive’s C-Series Lifter is designed with assembly detents so toolmakers can set the Core Blade, C-Coupling, and C-Gib to the correct angle and position, allowing easy assembly into the mold pocket without parts sliding out of position.  

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Progressive’s Lifter Blades offer a compact design making them especially effective for releasing small undercuts by providing a parallel lift and positional hold of the molded part prior to release. Straightforward to machine, easy to install and removable from the parting line, Lifter Blades are available in four styles and eight sizes beginning with 1.8mm width.


Progressive’s FlexiCore Assembly is a space-efficient and economical method to release molded undercuts. The FlexiCore springs away from the molded detail as the ejector plates move forward. A Bronze Guide prevents twisting and provides wear-resistant support, while the included Heel Plate secures the unit without rigidly affixing it to the ejector plate.


Progressive’s ModuLifter is a standardized, modular lifter assembly that simplifies undercut release. The ModuLifter offers a specialized design for accelerated / decelerated applications and is available with or without lifter cooling and additional component options.

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