UniLifter—Undercut Release System


Progressive’s UniLifter® is a popular, proven method for molding and releasing undercuts. The UniLifter’s U-Coupling compensates for any core blade deflection, while other methods experience heel breakage. 

New to Progressive’s UniLifter product line is the C-Series which offers a self-adjusting, cylindrical design that compensates for severe ejector plate misalignment or warping. 

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The first standardized lifter system on the market, the radial dovetail self-adjust for any core blade flexing, from MiniLifter® core blades to the XL series for large molds.


The new C-Series is designed to self-compensate for when a mold’s ejector plates become misaligned, and offers simplified installation with Pro’s “click-in-place assembly” feature.


“The DME Accualign lifter broke at approximately 1/3 of the load that the Progressive C-Series UniLifter was able to withstand.”

~ Element Materials Technology


Progressive’s C-Series Lifter is designed with assembly detents so toolmakers can set the Core Blade, C-Coupling, and C-Gib to the correct angle and position, allowing easy assembly into the mold pocket without parts sliding out of position.  

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Progressive’s FlexiCore Assembly is a space-efficient and economical method to release molded undercuts. The FlexiCore springs away from the molded detail as the ejector plates move forward. A Bronze Guide prevents twisting and provides wear-resistant support, while the included Heel Plate secures the unit without rigidly affixing it to the ejector plate.


Progressive’s ModuLifter Undercut Release System is a standardized, modular lifter assembly engineered to simplify undercut release. The ModuLifter offers a specialized design for accelerated / decelerated applications and is available with or without lifter cooling and additional component options (cooling cascades, hose fittings, etc.

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