New Slide Components Can Run Greaseless

Progressive Components expands its Slide Component product line with the introduction of new Gibs, Center Guides, and Wear Strips.

Each new side action component features Progressive's Z-Series Black Nitride finish and particle ring combination. Items are available as blanks, with pre-machined counterbores for screws, and designed to be cut-to-length to accommodate each unique application.

For the mold builder, off-the-shelf blanks for modifying in-house or ordered Mold-Ready™ from Progressive—cut-to-length, and corner radii added—saves valuable shop labor and reduces lead times.

For the molder, the Z-Series proprietary treatment guarantees long-term operation and durability and provides new side action options ideal for greaseless applications.

Square Gibs and Center Guides are available in six standard sizes, Wear Strips are available in eight standard inch sizes, with a range of lengths from 6" to 13.5" long.

CAD geometry is available from the company's CADalog™, a free parts library with downloads in multiple formats, including SolidWorks, NX, VISI, STEP, Parasolid, ACIS, and IGES. Individual CAD files can be found at

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