New Alignment Options Machined from Parting Line

Progressive Components further expands its Z-Series Alignment Lock product line with the introduction of several new options for easier mold manufacturing.

Designed to be machined from the top at the parting line, new Top Machine Style Bar Locks simplify machining steps and increase pocket accuracy by allowing the alignment pockets to be machined on the same setup as cavity and core plate pockets. For multi-parting line tools, Progressive has also added an X-Style Bar Lock configuration. Both Top Machine and X-Style Bars are available in three sizes to pair with corresponding Guides.

To avoid water lines and other mold features, new Internal Top Locks mount inboard versus at the mold base’s edge. They are available in three inch and three metric sizes (as well as shuttle sets) to provide a square footprint for maximum alignment with minimal space requirements. The new Counterbored Round Taper Lock is available in five inch sizes and provides counterbored mounting to allow for parting line installation. And new Rectangular Taper Bar Locks match industry standard sizing but extend performance with better materials and treatments utilized.

Progressive’s Z-Series Alignment Locks provide precision alignment of mold halves to protect shut-offs and to ensure parting line match. Each new Bar Lock, Guide, and Internal Lock product is manufactured using patented Z-Series standards with proprietary materials and treatments to secure alignment throughout the life of the tool.

CAD geometry is available from the company’s CADalog™, a free parts library with downloads in multiple formats, including SolidWorks, NX, VISI, STEP, Parasolid, ACIS, and IGES. Individual CAD files can be found at

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