New Compact Ejection Acceleration from Progressive

Progressive Components expands its mold component product line with the introduction of Ejector Accelerators.

Featuring a compact footprint and sized for inch ejector pins and ejector plates, Ejector Accelerators create a second-stage ejection without the need for a second set of ejector plates. They are designed to actuate an ejector pin forward when additional pin travel is required to release the molded part from lifters, stripper plates, or deep core features.

“Mold designers are always fighting space,” says Progressive’s Project Engineer, Kevin Kelly. “The Ejector Accelerator has robust strength yet features a thin and compact footprint. This design allows it to squeeze between a mold’s other features such as lifters, support pillars, and ejector pins.”

Ejector Accelerators are available in four standard-inch sizes and include a kicker pin and dowel pin installed.

This product further builds out Progressive’s Plate Sequence Control program and is joined by a rocker-style Plate Accelerator for double ejection applications, along with additional sizes of Latch Locks for large multi-parting line tools.

CAD geometry is available from the company's CADalog™, a free parts library with downloads in multiple formats, including SolidWorks, NX, VISI, STEP, Parasolid, ACIS, and IGES. Individual CAD files can be found at

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