New System Cooling High Temp Manifolds from Progressive

Wauconda, IL May 31, 2019 – The efficiency of injection mold cooling circuits is critical to a stable process and the manufacture of high quality, dimensionally stable parts. Progressive’s System Cooling platform offers validation of pressure, temperature, and flow in all cooling circuits of a mold.

As part of this platform, the System Cooling Manifold monitors each circuit within a mold via embedded, individual sensors which measure based on the Vortex Flow principle and alerts the user of any deviations which might then reduce cycle times, and affect product consistency, or increase scrap.

New to the System Cooling platform are High Temp Manifolds which now support temperatures up to 250°F/120°C. These Manifolds are available in 4, 8, and 12 zone units, and each can be connected to as many as 8 manifolds for a total of 96 zones.

To assist users when mold cooling circuits experience debris, blocked channels, a drop in water supply or water leakage, the new Reynolds Number feature aids in detecting whether there is turbulent, transitional, or laminar flow by zone to determine if there is any variation or restriction in flow.

In addition, the new Temperature Delta feature monitors the water temperature delta from the in/out port of each circuit, allowing users to identify issues and reduce troubleshooting time quickly.

“Quality assurance and traceability of the cooling process is essential,” states Rebecca Hamstra, Regional Sales Manager at Progressive Components. “System Cooling Manifolds offer trackability over time, baselines, trending reports and history logs, and maintenance alerts can be tied into reject control and VNC capabilities, for molding machine production control.”

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