Progressive has Big Locks for Large Injection Molds

Industry exclusives from Progressive meet the demands for large injection molds and die cast dies.

Those that design, build, and run very large injection molds and die cast dies have unique demands that often have not been addressed with standard components. Progressive meets those demands and more by offering exclusive mold alignment locks designed specifically for the largest molds and molds with multiple parting lines. 

How big do our biggest locks go? BIG! Here’s Emily, Connor, and Mark from our Warehouse with our big, bigger, and biggest Inserted Bar Locks!


Progressive's Inserted Bar Locks are the largest, standard alignment lock in the industry. Designed for mold weights from 25,000 to 75,000 lbs, Inserted Bar Locks allow mold designers and molders to select off-the-shelf components for alignment of large molds. Inserted Bar Locks deliver the maximum amount of guidance and support for the minimum amount of machining required. Long-term, precision registration of plates, is achieved when utilizing Pro's Z-Series proprietary treatment, radial ramp lead-in geometry, and particle rings on the plate surface.

When producing tight tolerance parts for the automotive industry, Inland Die Casting Company knows that taking shortcuts today will lead to problems tomorrow. Progressive’s Inserted Bar Locks are designed to go the distance (even with the harsh conditions of Die Cast) and that's why Oswaldo Roman (pictured above) utilizes these for his largest tools.


Progressive's Side Machine Style Bar Locks are an off-the-shelf solution for the alignment of large molds and multi-plate sequencing tools. Sized for standard mold bar plate thickness, bar lengths ranging from 4" to 16" long, and offer max supported weight loads of 10,000 lbs to 26,000 lbs. 


Designed to be machined from the top at the parting line, new Top Machine Style Bar Locks simplify machining steps and increase pocket accuracy by allowing the alignment pockets to be machined on the same setup as cavity and core plate pockets. For multi-parting line tools, Progressive has also added an X-Style Bar Lock configuration. Both Top Machine and X-Style Bars are available in three sizes to pair with corresponding Guides. 

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