New Bluetooth CVe Monitor from Progressive

Progressive Components announces the release of the new CVe Monitor® RT, the company’s real-time mold monitor that tracks tool activity and communicates via Bluetooth® access to ProFile®, a web and mobile-based application (app).The CVe Monitor RT allows users to view the tool’s cycle count and other data on the device, provides Bluetooth access to information utilizing the ProFile app, and, with additional hardware, can send real-time data to the ProFile app in the cloud for global access.

A further advancement of Progressive’s Monitoring platform, the CVe Monitor RT now operates wirelessly to route data directly from the tool to the Gateway and off to the cloud, where customers can review the information in the ProFile Real-Time Asset Management System.

Every device is manufactured with a QR code and unique serialization for assignment to a specific tool via the ProFile System. This provides a convenient file-sharing method for mold makers to share documents, prints, and other information with customers, and molders and OEMs that want to view KPIs globally can do so with easier access.

Additional benefits and features include:

  • Water-resistant, replaceable batteries, ingress protection rating of IP52, and maximum operating temperature of 190°F (90°C).
  • RT Monitor can be used on the outside of a tool or not on a tool at all. Utilizing a cable from a PLC or magnetic Reed Switch, it can route the data through the CVe to the Gateway, where information can be accessed in the ProFile app without any actuation of the plunger. This makes it ideal for high-heat applications or stamping dies (up to 1000 punches per minute).

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