No Strings Attached: New Nozzle Tips, Nozzle Caddie, and Wrench

Molders benefit from a new Nozzle Tip that prevents stringing, and a wrench that avoids “knuckle busting” at the press.

Progressive is all about improving productivity between the platens, and we’ve recently added innovations for those who set up and debug injection molds.


Progressive now offers a new, patented Nozzle Tip featuring heat sinking fins to eliminate stringing, and the possible resulting mold damage. To keep Nozzle Tips within reach, the new Nozzle Caddie magnetically mounts to the molding press. And, because removing and installing nozzle tips can be a real ‘knuckle buster,’ our new Offset Slugging Wrench is the preferred tool for mold setup personnel.


The November 2020 issue of Plastics Technology does a deep dive conversation with the inventor of the patented Nozzle Tips from Progressive:

After four years in development, an injection machine nozzle tip has been commercialized to eliminate problems of stringing and all the compromises that molders make to avoid it.

Real-world testing confirms that this new nozzle tip (top) eliminates stringing, regardless of the orifice size or material type.

Nozzle tips with large orifices are more prone to stringing because they take considerably longer to become semi-solid—usually longer than the best possible cycle time. Molders have tried various methods to reduce string formation, each of which has its own drawbacks:

  • Extending the cycle time, which is economically undesirable;
  • Lowering the nozzle-tip temperature, which can increase the risk of cold slugs and nozzle freeze-off, leading to cosmetic flaws in parts and/or to costly downtime;
  • Using a smaller nozzle orifice diameter, which increases the pressure drop through the nozzle tip. That increases shear and often requires a slower injection rate to avoid shear burns—adding to cycle time.

What’s more, slow injection through a restrictive bore requires higher injection pressure—risking trouble if the machine is close to being pressure-limited.

This new novel injection nozzle tip has internal heat-sink fins to cool the center of the melt channel and prevent strings. Sand-blasted finish on the radius ensures a better seal with the sprue bushing.

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