New Mold Cooling Innovations from Progressive

Route Cooling with Diverting Rods, Seal Cores with O-Rings

Progressive has added new items to provide designers with more options for routing cooling lines within their tools.

Progressive’s addition of O-Rings provides mold designers with an industry-standard that includes the machine groove detail. With this standardization, the subsequent replacement during mold maintenance is easy to locate and purchase by mold maintenance managers. O-Rings are available for both face sealing and core sealing applications and are offered in two material options: Buna-N for temperatures up to 225°F and Viton® for temperatures up to 400°F. Sizes range from .566 OD to 4.872 OD, and cross-sections of 1/16th, 3/32nd, and 1/8th.

“Different shops have different practices for designing the groove detail for O-Rings within their molds,” states Sebastian Jurczak, project engineer at Progressive. “Now, by providing CAD geometry in seven formats, a standard is established. Also, with O-Rings now carried by a mold component supplier and listed in the Bill of Materials, molders need not search industrial suppliers for replacements downstream.”

New Diverting Rods and Plugs route water flow within cooling circuits. While the mold is on the bench, Plugs can be assembled along the locating rod, enabling positive installation and easy removal. The rod is designed to stay in the center of the cooling channel, allowing maximum heat transfer within the line.

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