Exclusive New Cycle Counting Options


If you said, "A Progressive CounterView wasn't selected", you'd be right!

Only Progressive carries cycle counters in styles that can be mounted on either mold half for readability at the Operator’s Side of the mold.

Round Series Left and Right oriented CounterViews are also exclusively available from Progressive.

Also, space is often limited on both A Plates and B Plates. Only Progressive offers Extended Actuators for reaching the Parting Line from a distance, either for pocketed or bored hole mounting options.

Got Hot Molds? Progressive has you covered there, too. Our HT Series is the industry’s only counter that can operate at temps up to 375° F (190° C) for high-temperature molds or die cast dies.

Sometimes the decision to add a counter or CVe Monitor occurs after the mold build, and our exclusive Insulator Block can easily be added with four ¼-20 tapped holes.

If the mold was pocketed but operating temps are higher than were expected, while the mold is in the press (and no additional machining required), the Retrofit Bracket insulates up to 410° F (210° C).

Another exclusive is that only Progressive’s counters are Made in America, unlike the slew of China counterfeits on the market.

An American brand name doesn't always mean American quality, as proven through third-party destructive testing:

Click HERE to view a video of side-by-side durability testing completed by an independent lab that shows the performance difference of Progressive's CounterView versus others on the market.

Progressive’s Engineering Team knows that your molds are built to go the distance and that your mold’s “odometer” should do the same!

Progressive developed the first mold counter back in 1994 and then introduced the widest range of options for fitting within your designs and withstanding the heat of your molds.

Are you looking to take mold monitoring and maintenance a step further? If so, consider Progressive’s CVe Monitor. Compatible with existing CounterView pockets, this electronic device contains a 16GB internal flash drive for storing PDF’s and setup sheets, generates free performance reports, and can connect to our real-time CVe Live Monitoring platform.

Whatever your mold monitoring needs are, you can count on Progressive! 

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