Safety First! New products for a Safer Shop.

Seven new toolroom innovations from Progressive Components help to keep your team safe!

People are a company’s most valuable asset, and Progressive has added these innovations to keep your team safe:


Eliminate the trip hazard associated with having wood blocks and pallets on the shop floor with RhinoFeet. They are a safer approach when used under molds, and they eliminate wood and skids strewn about a plant. RhinoFeet are safely and conveniently stored within reach magnetically. 

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A clean, organized workbench is a safer and more efficient place to handle mold plates and tooling components. Progressive's Toolroom Benches optimize mold assembly and disassembly and can be equipped with a water manifold and flow meter, an air manifold option, and electrical hookups. 

All too often, the mold repair technicians’ area is an afterthought that features aged benches and storage, whereas these toolroom benches are designed specifically for maintaining injection molds.


Changing a machine’s nozzle tips can be a real ‘knuckle buster,’ as well as a burn hazard. Progressive’s exclusive Offset Slugging Wrench is designed for the safe removal and installation of nozzle tips and is overwhelmingly preferred by process technicians. 

Seeing what is being worked on is helpful when performing in-press repairs, turning date plugs, or loading inserts. Progressive’s exclusive Mold Light Bar provides direct, bright lighting right where needed to work better and safer. Magnetically mounted to press platens, choose from either wiring direct to 24V machine power or our 110V option.


Unsecured connections for water, air, and hot oil can separate during setup or when the mold is in operation. Progressive now offers Locking Socket Connectors for a simple, intuitive “twist to lock” connection that secures the outer sleeve into place. Simply add “-L” for “Locking” to a connector’s catalog number (example: SC308-L).

To eliminate confusion and potential hazards of running molds with hot oil, Progressive carries Keyed Connector Plugs and Keyed Extension Plugs, for pairing with Keyed Socket Connectors, as well as Safety Clips

Assembling ejector systems can be cumbersome, but RhinoToes correctly position plates to avoid pinch points during assembly on the bench. Stabilize plates either with a ½-13 bolt or mount one RhinoToe to each end of a threaded rod to support KO plates, stripper plates, or hot halves. 

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Whether it’s precision components that reduce unscheduled mold stoppages, monitoring systems to assist your PM initiatives or these handy innovations for the shop floor, look to Progressive for solutions that make a difference.

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