Progressive’s CVe Monitor, an electronic mold monitoring device that is mounted to an injection mold, interfaces with CVe Live wireless devices relaying data to the cloud based CVe Live website, providing unprecedented visibility of a tooling fleet, and ultimately ensuring production goals are being met from across the plant or around the world. 

At NPE 2018, Progressive will introduce new CVe Live features including:

Press Management Module that allows for scheduling, tracking, monitoring and filing of all preventative maintenance actions.Expanded electronic filing cabinet which provides the ability to add non CVe assets to the database and store related documents.Enhanced reporting options that allow users to view deviations from set targets on parameters such as PM’s, cycle time, efficiency, downtime and rejects.
“The CVe Monitor and CVe Live together provide an intuitive platform that has advanced the way the industry monitors and maintains its tools,” states Sujit Sheth, General Manager at Progressive Components. “The latest features enable users to access more meaningful KPI and exception reports to use in the decision-making process, and provides OEM’s and multi-plant organizations the ability to view data for all or select plants in a single, comprehensive view.” 

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