New ModuLifter™ Undercut Release System Released

Progressive Components announces the new ModuLifter™ Undercut Release System. This new component is a rod-style, standardized modular lifter assembly that simplifies the release of undercuts for large molds.

The ModuLifter consists of six different base sizes that accept rods from ½” to 1½” diameters. 

Advantages include:
Available with or without cooling, and hoses and fittings offeredAcceleration / deceleration angles available in 5 and 10 degreesOff-the-shelf availability eliminates in-house design and manufacturing
“There are several different systems to address the numerous aspects of releasing undercuts", states Ken Rumore, engineering manager at Progressive Components. “With the ModuLifter, one system can be used for many scenarios, allowing assembly and maintenance personnel familiarity, consistency and efficiency with their mold maintenance plans.”

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