Install and Remove Angle Pins from Parting Line

Progressive Components introduces a new Angle Pin Holder engineered to simplify the installation and removal of angle pins.

For the mold builder, Progressive’s Angle Pin Holders are designed to avoid angled machining, and on large A plates, it eliminates the need for long angle pins and long bored holes.

For the molder, removal of broken angle pins from the parting line is simple, and unlike other approaches, does not require the mold to be removed from the press.

Manufactured with AISI 4140 Steel and Black Oxide treated for corrosion resistance, Angle Pin Holders are offered with 10°, 15°, or 20° angles for 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, and 3/4” diameters. There are 23 sizes of a single in-line bolt configuration and an additional 23 sizes with two bolts for when space is limited behind the angle pin (shown here).

For additional convenience, Progressive’s Angle Pins can be ordered with the radius machined to the final length required, completing a Mold-Ready™ offering.

Click HERE for catalog page, ordering information, and CAD geometry downloads.