Got Lifters in Your Molds?

If you'd like to simplify undercut release in your tools, then we invite you to connect with Progressive Components' Design Engineer, Kevin Kelly, whose focus is on product development and support for a new product we've added to our line, the ModuLifter™ - Undercut Release System.

Ideal for those who design, build or run large tools, the ModuLifter is an off-the-shelf option for the release of undercuts, eliminating the need to fabricate custom solutions. Following are some key features that illustrate how this one system can be used for a variety of applications.

ModuLifter: Key Features

Travel: Accelerated / Decelerated
Sometimes the part design demands an accelerated or decelerated lifter and this product offers standard gib angles to accomplish this, eliminating the need for double ejector plates or other mechanisms. (See Graphic A below for example.)

Cooling: Two options
It can be difficult to get water in and out of lifters, but we’ve now added standard hoses, cascades, and push-to-connect fittings pre-engineered for integrating into the mold design. The cooling cascades swivel to allow for a water tight seal and to be rotated into location for assembly.

One cooling option provides water in and out of a single rod. (See Graphic B below for example.)

Another option provides water up one rod, a circuit in the lifter head delivers to a second rod, where water is then routed out. (See Graphic C below for example.)

Size Range
ModuLifters are available in 6 rod sizes from ½” to 1-1/2”, in two styles - with cooling and without. Additionally, straight gibs can provide straight travel, or angled gibs are available for accelerated/decelerated applications. And, as always, we offer downloadable CAD geometry for all items in multiple formats.

Design Assistance
This is where Kevin and our Progressive Engineering team comes in. If you have an application that requires the demands that have been addressed with this system, we can exchange geometry and Kevin can assist with integrating ModuLifters into your design. Our product catalog pages and CAD Geometry are located HERE, but often the best way to start is for our team to evaluate your application with you. Drop Kevin a line at or in the comments below and let’s get started.

Thanks for your time, and we hope to be able to assist!