New Advancements For Remote Mould Monitoring

Progressive’s CVe Mould Monitoring system is on thousands of tools worldwide since its initial release in 2011, and new features were added for K2016. For 2017, we continue to evolve the CVe Live technology to further enable unprecedented visibility of tooling and production. 

With a CVe Monitor mounted on an injection mould, and interfacing with wireless devices to relay data to the cloud-based CVe Live® website, timely production is ensured, whether production is occurring across the plant or around the world.

Recent advancements of CVe Live include:  Enhanced Dashboard that provides a snapshot of a company’s entire fleet of tools; customizable tool tab displays tool information and performance metrics including Efficiency and Cycle Time averages for the trailing hour, 24 hours and week; tablet feature allows presses to be assigned to a tablet, providing machine operators a portable and simplified interface to enter rejects and downtime codes; Exceptions Dashboard for manufacturing cells (content that is intended to be displayed on a large TV/Monitor) keeps track of any exceptions that occur on the machines assigned to the dashboard; Data Transfer option allows for any data collected by CVe Live to be manually or automatically output to an Excel or JSON file, simplifying the transfer of data to existing systems.

Developed and supported by Progressive’s subsidiary AST Technology, CVe Live is designed to integrate with a company’s existing systems, and can be configured to automatically export any of the data collected or information that is entered by users. 

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