Component Innovations from Progressive at K2022 in Düsseldorf

New Standards to Improve Mould Performance

Warrington, UK – Progressive Components is a leading developer and distributor of globally standard components and web-based mould monitoring innovations.

At the company's ninth K Show exhibition, additions include:

Plate sequencing: Plate Retainers are a compact new method to pull parting lines in small to medium-sized moulds, and Plate Locks have seen the addition of a large Cam Bar for robust parting line actuation of big moulds.

Undercut release: C-Series UniLifters® self-adjust to compensate for ejector plate misalignment and offer a click-in-place feature to make mould assembly straightforward.

Mould handling: RhinoFeet eliminate wood beams and pallets and are available in 50, 75, and 100 mm heights for over 12,000 kg strength per unit.

Mould monitoring: High-temperature mould CounterViews® are available in left and right-hand versions for temperatures up to 190°C.

To view a complete list of all product lines offered by Progressive Components access our online catalogue HERE or shop online HERE. For Customer Service dial +44 (0) 203-399-0999 or email in Europe or 1-847-487-1000 / in North America.