5 Ways Pro’s CADalog® Benefits Mold Designers

Progressive’s roots are in mold design, and we’ve worked to deliver tools to speed the design process with our exclusive CADalog®, which can be downloaded online or installed from a flash drive.

Listed below are five aspects that we hope will be an advantage for you and your company:

#1: Geometry Integrity

All geometry is created and verified by Progressive’s engineers in the US, being drawn by mold designers for mold designers. Native files are not just dumb bodies or built by generic generators, but are parametrically built with intuitive orientations, accurate pocket geometry, and native BOM properties… as a mold designer would expect it to be.

#2: File Options

Complete native CAD libraries available for SolidWorks, NX, and VISI. In addition to native formats, a neutral library is available for IGES (.igs), ACIS (.sat), STEP (.step), and Parasolid (.x_t). Use the CADalog to access complete libraries for NX ReUse, NX MoldWizard, Configurable SolidWorks, and VISI CAD.

#3: Configurable Geometry

With native formats built parametrically, Progressive offers configurable geometry for NX, VISI, and now the newly released SolidWorks library. Configurable files allow for quick part selection, simplifying the mold design process.

For SolidWorks users, the newly released configurable library offers populated attributes for ordering cut-to-length parts for production such as bar locks, ejector pins and sleeves, angle pins, brass extension plugs, and more.

For example, editing a standard Angle Pin with a full radius to a length of 5.220 will result in that length automatically contained within the BOM. Then that part number will be recognized by Progressive’s Customer Service personnel and supplied as a finished, Mold-Ready Component.

#4: Eliminate 'One-at-a-Time' Downloads

With the entire Progressive catalog saved into a designer’s library, finding the right component is only two clicks away.

Often, mold designers may have only one or two files from a section in their library, making it difficult to know what sizes are available without also having to reference a physical catalog.

Instead, access geometry from the Pro library that is organized to match the catalog, making it intuitive to select the correct component for the application quickly.

#5: Easy Updates

Stay notified of CAD updates when Progressive adds products to its component catalog. Registered CADalog users are notified of an update and can download the new items.

We hope that many of these capabilities can be an advantage for you and your company.

We appreciate our customers and know that when designers select Progressive Components for their tools, our team can continue to develop more time-saving industry standards ahead.

If you have any CAD-related questions or other technical topics to discuss, please contact Progressive's Project Engineer, Kevin Kelly at Kevin.Kelly@procomps.com, reach out to our Tech Team at tech@procomps.com, or call 1-800-269-6653.