progressive is a Best Places to Work Company!

Progressive is proud to have been named the 2023 Plastics News Best Places to Work runner-up. The announcement was made February 28th, at the Plastics News Executive Forum, where company owners Glenn and Don Starkey accepted the award.

“With all we have gone through in the past three years, our biggest concern is knowing that our culture is still intact. Through the PN BPTW survey, we confirmed that our ProCompers have held it together,” said Don Starkey when accepting the award crediting the company’s 70-plus employees for making this award possible.

Progressive works to have the best team in place to meet the needs of the best molders and mold builders in the industry. Glenn Starkey added, “Our employees embrace our customer-centric culture, and with the best customers in the world, we dedicate this award to you!”

To see the complete list of Plastics News 2023 Best Places to Work finalists, which were published on January 23rd, click HERE

View the lighthearted speech given by Don Starkey (above left) and Glenn Starky (above right) at the 2023 Plastics News Executive Forum after receiving the 2023 BPTW Award.  

What is the Plastics News Best Places To Work Program?

Plastics News’ Best Places to Work is a research-driven program from Best Companies Group that examines your company’s practices, programs and benefits and surveys your employees for their perspective. Companies that meet certain criteria are considered a Plastics News Best Places to Work.

To view eligibility requirements and complete program information, click HERE.

Our ProCompers Work Hard, and Play Harder!

2022 Picnic Photo

2018 Best Places to Work Winner

Progressive Components received the first-place designation of Best Places to Work at the Plastics News Executive Forum, March 6th, 2018, in Naples, Florida. The company ranked number 2 in 2017, moving up to the number 1 spot in 2018 in a field of 17 finalists. View Don Starkey, Owner and Chairman of the Board, deliver the acceptance speech on behalf of the entire organization. Click HERE to learn more.

Progressive was selected as one of Plastics News 2023 Best Places to Work. We were asked to create a lip sync video to the song “Heart Wants What it Wants” to be included in a larger presentation featuring all of the 2023 PN Best Places to Work nominees. While our team loves to work hard, we also know how to play hard too! 

Progressive was selected as one of Plastics News 2020 Best Places to Work. We were asked to create a lip sync video to the song “Sweet Caroline” to be included in a larger presentation featuring all of the 2020 PN Best Places to Work nominees. While our team loves to work hard, we also know how to play hard too! 

Hear From Our Team

We collected thoughts from team members throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia, and proudly present them in the following video:

Employee Testimonials

Recently, all Progressive employees were interviewed for Crain Publication’s “Best Places To Work” award and listed below are the responses:

"Our company is very employee driven. Meaning that they listen to their employees wants and needs and create benefits, activities and an environment we are excited to be a part of."

"Friendly, positive, encouraging environment. Leadership is invested in employees' professional growth and personal wellness. Very team-oriented."

"I have worked for over a dozen companies, and this is by far the one that cares about their employees. Their benefits, the open-door policies of every leader, and their employee-focused polices make this a real great place to work."

"Treat everyone with respect and make them feel appreciated."

"You're not just a number working at Progressive Components. They care about you as an individual and do their best to show that they care. They are willing to hear and implore ideas to better the company."

"Given the challenges with Covid and the way other companies are dealing with employees leaving, our company stayed ahead of the trend and put improvements in place to ensure employees are happy--more benefits, more flexible hours, meeting-free days. All of these attract new employees, but give existing employees a good sense of stability."

"PRO has a culture of interest in its employees - excellent benefits and commitment to team and individual development programs. New employees are recruited with suitability to PRO culture in mind. Employees are encouraged to work /collaborate together."

"At Progressive Components it is obvious that creating a culture of teamwork and community is a priority."

"This company has great family work-life balance, good pay with growth incentives, plus a comfortable environment with caring and personable staff. Everyone is very friendly, welcoming and fun with regards to work and life in general."

"Allows personal development whilst engaging with you from all levels of management. Excellent training with driven goals and suitable rewards."

"The culture is very important, which adds to the exciting, fast-paced 'work hard/play hard' atmoshpere. We work as a team, celebrate the wins together, and team-up to improve the areas that need more attention."

"Very employee centric Company. Have all the Technology and Training available to excel on our marketplace. Incredible Customer Service and Technical Teams. A cooperative feel at every step with seasoned skilled long-time employees willing to reach out and help the new employees."