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CounterView - Advanced Mold Monitoring

Product Info

Progressive's ejector pins are engineered and manufactured to meet the growing demands of today's production tooling industry. Made from premium materials and competitively priced, our pins lead the pack in consistent, accurate and lab proven performance.


"Progressive’s Ejector Pins are a key foundational element in the molds we build. Our Component Standard is Progressive, and their durability, reliability, accuracy, and consistent quality are things we count on every day. Because we serve customers globally, knowing we can get service, support and inventory anywhere in the world is an additional key advantage.

~ Mike Zacharias,Extreme Tool



Tested and Proven


Independent Lab Test Data

Tested and proven, PRO Ejector Pins outlast others, with over 3M cycles and no significant signs of wear.


Pin Comparison Chart

This chart references standard nominal Ejector Pins and their Progressive catalog prefix.


CAD Geometry Downloads

Download catalog pages and Progressive's mold-ready CAD Geometry files in 2D or 3D formats..


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