New Product Release


Recently Released Components and Technology Solutions from Progressive


B Side (Movable Half) / A Side (Stationary Half)

New CounterView series can be viewed from the operator side when mounted on the stationary half/A side of the mold.


CounterViews and CVe Monitors

Insulator Blocks protect Progressive’s monitoring devices from temperatures found when molding high temperature resins. With an Insulator Block installed, the CVe Monitor and CounterView will perform at mold temps up to 180°C/360°F.

Asset Tracking and Maintenance

ProFile online asset management simplifies the organization of molds, dies, machines, and equipment. The cloud-based system houses information and related documents or photos, while also logging GPS locations. Several Asset Tag and Plate layouts are available, and tags and plates with your company logo and information can be ordered.

Call 1-800-269-6653 to receive info on this affordable system developed for the mold building and molding industry.

SRT® Slide Retainers

Easy Installation

Machining is simplified with the introduction of a larger SRT. With a diameter of 1.125”/28mm, and two ¼-20 or M6 tapped holes, this Slide Retainer and an optional bushing (1.5”/37mm diameter) reliably holds 75 lbs/34 kg, with no friction or galling of the underside of slides.


250 Series

A new series of CamActions are now available with a smaller footprint and travel distances ranging from .15” to .50”. Inserts are available in two different materials based on machining preferences.

Z-Series™ Bar Locks

Additional Sizes

New sizes of Bar Locks expand designer options for aligning molds that have multiple plates or require longer engagement. Available in both inch and metric standards, the metric range now includes two guide bars and four different guides to choose from.


Easy Installation

MiniLifters, part of the UniLifter undercut release product line, are now available in a smaller series in metric nominal sizes. In addition, core blades are offered in two different materials to accommodate machining and heat treatment preferences.

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