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Versatile Asset Tracking System for Manufacturing

ProFile® v4, a cloud-based tracking system designed for OEMs, Molders, and Mold Builders, can be utilized simply as an asset management system to organize and track global tools and equipment or can be harnessed for complete real-time monitoring and production improvement capabilities.

ProFile delivers distinct features for different manufacturing roles and priorities.

Global Overview of Assets by Location

View Programs Across Suppliers

Verify PM Adherence and Access PM Records

Share Files Globally

Interface ProFile with ERP/MES Systems Using APIs

Custom Dashboards for Real-Time Visibility to Performance and Key Metrics

Asset Management for all Tooling and Equipment

Mold Maintenance

  • Manage PM Checklist and Intervals
  • PM Alerts
  • PM Status
  • Create, Complete, and Track WOs
  • Identify Recurring Issues
  • Track Expenses – Labor, Parts

Understand True Cost of Maintenance

Real-Time Production Monitoring

  • Production
  • Cycle Time
  • Utilization
  • Efficiency
  • OEE
  • Downtime
  • Rejects

Interface ProFile Data with ERP/MES Systems Using APIs

Preventive Maintenance Managements

Work Order System

Identify Low Performing Tools

Identify Recurring Issues

Overall Cost of Maintenance

Simplified Real-Time Data Entry

File Access