Product Country of Origin Listing

Progressive designs components for production tooling and distributes these worldwide. For all proprietary items, technical drawings are generated, housed, and updated at Progressive’s US headquarters. Products are inspected in production and verified as required. Every effort is made to have dual supply to eliminate back orders, and shown below is the country of origin for these products.

Factors determining sourcing location include assurance of quality, expediency of the supply chain, cost, and stability of the country. All products are labeled with the country of origin when they ship.

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ItemCatalog PagePrimary COOSecondary COO
Angle PinsG-18taiwantaiwan
Bar Locks: Z-Series & Guides
Bar Locks: Z-Series InsertedC-7taiwantaiwan
Blade EjectorsA-10
Cables (Patch)
CamAction 100/200/300/400 Assy, Inserts, AccessoriesG-1
CamAction 100/200/300 Core PinsG-4taiwantaiwan
Cavity Interlocks: FlatC-12taiwantaiwan
Cavity Interlocks: RoundC-13
Cavity Pressure TransducersK-10
Collapsible Cores & Accesssories (DT & RT Series)I-1
Connectors (Recessed)K-13
Cooling ItemsE-1
Core PinsA-12
Core Pin RetainersA-18
CounterView and CVe Monitor (and Accessories)F-1
CV/CVe Insulator Blocks and BracketsF-10
CVe Live Remote Validation KitsF-4
Date Stamps (Rings/Plugs) L, D, and CH SeriesD-5
Date Stamps (Rings/Plugs) all Other SeriesD-1
Ejector PinsA-2
Ejector SleevesA-14
Ejector Sleeves: DIN SteppedA-15
Ejector Sleeves: Thin WallA-16
Expandable CavitiesI-10
Extended Sprue Bushings RX-40B-4
FlexiCore AssembliesH-16
FlexiCore Wear BlocksH-20taiwantaiwan
FlexiCore, Heel Plates and Extension RodsH-21
Friction PullersJ-7
Front Loading Pins & BushingsB-14taiwan
Guided Ejector Bushings: BronzeB-12
Guided Ejector PinsB-9taiwan
Jumper PlugsK-12
Leader PinsB-6
Leader Pins: DINB-7
Lifter Blades and CoresH-22taiwantaiwan
Locating Rings
Locks: Side, Top, Guide, X-Style (Z-Series)C-8taiwantaiwan
ModuLifter Assembies, Cascades, RodsH-10
ModuLifter Bushings, Fittings, and HoseH-13
Nozzles and Nozzle CaddieM-2
PKO ExtensionsB-1taiwantaiwan
Plate LocksJ-1taiwantaiwan
Puller PinsB-5
Puller Pin BushingsB-5
Return PinsA-19
Roller PullersJ-8
RTI Leader Pins
RTI Support PillarsL-21taiwan
RTI HandleL-22
RTI and RTI Accessories (all others)L-1
Shoulder Bushings: SteelB-11
Shoulder Bushings: Bronze, Plated & GraphiteB-10
Side Locks: Graphite PluggedC-18taiwantaiwan
Sleeve ExtensionsA-17
Sleeve Extensions: BlanksA-17taiwantaiwan
Slide Retainers, Bases, Bushings, and CleatsG-15taiwantaiwan
Slide Retainer SpringsG-15
Sprue BushingsB-3
StackIt SystemJ-9
Stop Pins: Self-TappingB-27
Stripper BoltsB-24taiwantaiwan
Support Pillars, Columns, Heels and Guided PillarsB-16taiwantaiwan
Switches & ConnectorsK-1
Taper Locks and PlatesC-14taiwantaiwan
TI PinsA-13
Tubular DowelsB-26taiwantaiwan
UniLifter Core Blades (Steel)H-2taiwan
UniLifter Core Blades (Ampco)H-2taiwan
UniLifter Core Blades (S-7)H-2
UniLifter Couplings and GibsH-4
Wear Plates: BronzeG-20
Wear Plates: Z-SeriesG-19taiwantaiwan
Wire Channel InsertsK-13