Progressive Introduces New Remote Validation Kit

Progressive Introduces New Remote Validation Kit

Ditch the Trip: Validate Molds Remotely

Progressive Components announces a product enabling tooling engineers to validate their tools remotely.

Progressive’s new Remote Validation Kit is a plug and play tool that provides real-time data by connecting the portable system to a CVe Monitor on the mold. Then, info is accessible from across the plant or around the world.

The Remote Validation Kit improves the PPAP or IQ/OQ/PQ approval process to help speed molds into production.

Additional benefits include:

  • For the OEM: Reduce or eliminate the need for tooling engineers to drive or fly back and forth to suppliers’ sites to validate tools.
  • For the Molder: Tooling can move into production even if the customer can't travel on-site. Also provided is a virtual file cabinet for mold documentation, activity reports, and process sheets.
  • For the Mold Builder: Following the tool build, the qualifying process is expedited.

“The backbone of this capability comes from Progressive’s leadership in mold monitoring,” states Lorena Fisher, OEM Sales Manager for Progressive Components. “From the first mechanical cycle counter invented in 1993, to developing the first mold management program, ProFile, in 1996, to the CVe Monitoring platform introduced nearly ten years ago, Progressive has the experience and global support team in place.”

For additional information on the Remote Validation Kit, visit, or email to discuss implementation.

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