ProFile Asset Management System


Expanding Progressive’s mold monitoring offering, ProFile® is a comprehensive approach to managing tooling and production assets. This system consists of Asset Tags linked with, a cloud-based solution to organize assets and store related documents and photos while logging GPS locations.

Asset Management
ProFile is a complete asset management solution for your tooling fleet featuring:
  • Add all assets to a secure, cloud-based database.
  • Asset Tags with unique QR codes for location tracking and asset inventory.
  • Identify assets by class and type.
  • Store critical data for each asset along with location.
  • Perform customized Preventive Maintenance on your assets within the system and store all historical PM data for easy access.
  • Create and complete work orders for assets and maintain historical records.
  • “Filing cabinet” to store and share documents that promote collaboration with all stakeholders.
  • Individual asset pages displaying a GPS map of the last asset scan location.
  • Mobile view of asset details by scanning QR code.
  • Sortable lists of all assets or by asset class.

When logging in to ProFile, the dashboard shows a breakdown of assets in the system by class. Clicking on any of the asset classes on the chart will drill down to the detailed listing.

Tool Listing

Users can view a complete list of all assets in one place or choose the tab for the asset class to filter by. For added convenience, all fields on the tool listing are sortable using the header fields.

Mobile and GPS

Scan the Asset Tag QR code on a mobile device to view a summary and list of the assets. Every time a QR code is scanned, the GPS location is pushed to the cloud and recorded on the asset page.

Asset Class/Type

Different asset types require different types of data. ProFile offers four asset classes, each with customizable asset types and user-defined fields under each category, to provide increased flexibility.

Preventive Maintenance

Users can create checklists and assign them to assets to easily see how many days assets are from requiring maintenance, allowing customers to optimize maintenance operations across all asset types. Completed PM checklists are stored for the life of the asset and can be viewed at any time.

Work Orders

Complete work order tracking (creation, completion, inspection, sign-off) is supported. Historical work-orders can be viewed at the tool level or the plant level to identify negative trends.

Filing Cabinet

Each asset page includes a filing cabinet to store critical documents associated with that asset. These documents can be easily accessed and shared by users with permissions. This encourages collaboration among all stakeholders and provides a single repository for files. Users have 10GB of storage associated with their asset database.

ProFile, in conjunction with Asset Tracking Tags, provides an effective and efficient way for users to manage key aspects of their assets. Progressive offers a variety of QR tag styles that can be customized to match your existing format and content. The system makes it easy to track GPS locations, maintenance, and documents in a single site with mobile access from anywhere in the world.

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