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When a new tool is built, intended maintenance points and cycle times are often known. Once in production, targets may change impacting performance and warranties.

With the CVe Monitor, mold builders, molders, and OEM’s can access a tool’s history to ensure agreed goals are achieved.

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“Only CVe Monitors enable mold info to be retrieved from the tool, while alerting us that PM’s are due.”

~ Chris Myers, Carson Tool & Mold

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“CVe Monitors are the greatest tool for molders. The system is user friendly and it basically manages itself."

~ Derrick Hardnett, ITW Auto Fuel Systems Div.

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remote validation kit

Using the CVe Live website interface, the Remote Validation Kit eliminates the need to travel to mold trials and qualifications to gather information. Real-time data is available by connecting the portable system to the CVe Monitor on the mold.

  • Can be easily moved between sites as qualifications dictate.
  • Reduces or eliminates travel to mold qualifications.
  • Users can upload and share files or documents with global access
  • Monitor critical KPIs without being onsite.
  • Generate real-time graphs and reports.
  • Includes all hardware, antennas, and cables in a sturdy case.
  • CVe Monitors and Tablets are sold separately.

Contact Customer Service for a CVe Live or Remote Validation Kit quotation.

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CVe OnDemand is reporting software provided free of charge with a CVe Monitor, which generates historical service records for the tool when connected.

CVe Live offers users the ability to view mold performance and activity in real time, from within the plant or across the world, providing unprecedented tooling control.

The Insulator Block is designed to protect Progressive’s CVe Monitor when molding high-temp resins, allowing the performance at temperatures up to 360°F.

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