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Stop having to Search for:

  • Information about where your assets are.
  • How your assets are being maintained.
  • Your assets level of productivity.

With ProFile you can:

24/7 data access

Access global asset data 24/7 to help make informed decisions.

increase productivity

Increase uptime, quality, and throughput while reducing costs.

financial gain

Experience 5- and 6-figure gains. Typical payback within 3 to 12 months.

Your Sector and Challenges

Hear from our Customers

"The ProFile Real-Time Monitoring System allowed us to simplify and completely transform the way we manage our company's assets."
Rodney Davenport, CH3 Solutions
"CVe Monitors are the greatest tool for molders. The system is user friendly and it basically manages itself."
Derrick Hardnett, ITW Fuel Systems Division
"Only CVe Monitors enable mold info to be retrieved from the tool, while alerting us that PM's are due."
Chris Myers, Carson Tool & Mold

ProFile's Power in Numbers

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In The News...

ProFile Offers Levels of Visibility

Build a system at your own pace with various levels of visibility to meet your budget, resources, and timeline.

ProFile Monitoring Systems can be standalone or integrated with existing MES or ERP systems.

In the diagram below, you can see increasing scope and information power.

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