Global Steel Cross Reference Tool

This chart references common tooling materials and their designations in various regions. Contact Progressive at for materials not listed here.  




Germany W.nbr

United Kingdom


Low Carbon Steels

1018 S15C 1.0453 081A15

(up to .35% Carbon)

4130 SCM2   708A30

8630 SNCM220H 1.6523 805A20


Medium Carbon Steels

P20   1.2311/1.2330 4659


4140 SCM440 1.7225 708A42

A-2 SKD12 1.2363 BA2


High Carbon and

D-2 SKD11 1.2379 BD2

Tool Steels

H-13 SKD61 1.2344 BH13

(up to 1.50% Carbon)

M-2 SKH51 1.3343 BM2

O-1 SKS21 1.2510 BO1

O-2 SKS93 1.2842  

S-7 SKH3   BT4


Stainless Steel

303 SUS303 1.4305 303S21

420 SUS420J1 1.4021 X20Cr13

440C SUS440C 1.4125