What's New


Progressive’s CVe mold monitoring system is on thousands of tools worldwide, since its initial release in 2011. Now, new features have been added allowing unprecedented visibility of tooling and production.

U.S. mold equipment supplier Progressive Components Inc. came to the Chinaplas show in Shanghai with a very specific mission — cracking down on violators of its intellectual property.

Progressive Components, with sister company AST Technology’s Monitoring Division, has further enhanced the functionality of the CVe Monitor v2, and the accompanying OnDemand software, making it even easier to track a mold’s performance and activity.

Progressive Components introduces its Lifetime Guarantee for its patent pending Z-Series Alignment Locks at NPE2015.

New Wear Plates from Progressive Components offer mold builders superior wear resistance and off-the-shelf convenience.

Progressive Components announces its new Z-Series Bar Locks, giving mold designers a standard “off-the-shelf” solution for alignment of large molds and multi-plate sequencing tools. Z-Series Bar Locks deliver the maximum amount of guidance and support for the minimum amount of machining required.

Progressive’s exclusive SRT Series Slide Retainers have captured the loyalty of customers worldwide due to their smooth, greaseless and reliable operation when holding side actions, especially in cleanroom molding environments. Progressive has now added additional retention options within this line.

Progressive Components has now established its Z-Series Alignment Locks as its new standard, replacing its popular “black and gold” series locks that set an industry standard nearly a quarter of a century ago.

Progressive has now added hundreds of new cooling items to provide designers with more – and better – options. Of note is the new, exclusive Bubbler Base™, designed for maximum cooling flow rates and ease of mold assembly and disassembly.

Progressive Components first introduced “black and gold” locks nearly 25 years ago. And while others, from Europe to China, have copied the look, Progressive now introduces a series that offers additional features and performance benefits.

Progressive Components, a leading global supplier of components for the production tooling industry, now introduces an electronic mold monitoring device called the CVe Monitor™.

Progressive Components introduces the CamAction 350 Series. Available in both inch and metric sizes, the CamAction 350 Series features a longer travel at ¾” (18mm) than the 300 series.

Progressive's CamActions provide standard solutions for molding and releasing external undercuts. Now, the CamAction 300 and 400 Series are offered with Progressive's SRT Slide Retainers installed, providing a reliable method for maintaining the slide position during the ‘mold open’ stage.

To help minimize costs associated with new product development, Progressive Components has introduced its new ProtoBridge™ standardized tooling kit. The pre-engineered ProtoBridge system is designed specifically for closure manufacturing. The design is flexible and can be used for applications with the DT Series Collapsible Core, as well as jump thread designs. It offers the ability to be converted from one part design to another while the mold is still in the press.

Progressive introduces its new Lifter Blades™, a new method for releasing molded undercuts. The new Lifter Blade offers a compact design that can be utilized where other approaches cannot, provides a parallel lift and positional hold of the molded part prior to release, and is straightforward to machine, easy to install and removable from the parting line.


Progressive Components is pleased to announce it has formed a new mold component distribution partnership in Canada, with Ontario-based Acetronic Industrial Controls, Inc.